Heart ache

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Some good news and some bad news…

Good news: They successfully did the angio, mapped out the areas that are constricted and think they may even be able to repair some of the damage from the heart attack with something they want to try.

Bad news: The something they want to try is open heart bypass surgery. I go in sometime within a week.

Why: I have a genetic (hereditary) heart defect where the artery group that feeds the front of my heart is, well, pretty clogged. The artery that feeds the back of my heart is in perfect shape indicating this isn’t a stress/diet/cholesterol problem although those things may have contributed a bit. Other than the problem with the first artery my heart is in great shape. The head cardiologist came to me and said that this is completely unexpected result and that he truly thought I was going home today. They are gobsmacked. Heart problems plague the males on my dad’s side so I’m not all that surprised. Because of that I carry around Aspirin and took two on the way to the hospital which apparently really helped…

Solution: Replace the bad piping with good piping. The cardiologist believes that after this is done I should be able to live to my full life expectancy.

Obviously I’m not thrilled with this result but given that I have a chance to fix it instead of dying unexpectedly from a massive heart attack (which I appear to have narrowly avoided) I’m good to keep going.

This will obviously slow me down for quite a few weeks but if my dad’s experience of his bypass is any indication I’ll be good as new in no time.

As a family and a company we will need your help and won’t hesitate to call on you for it.

Thanks in advance for your love and support.

Next up: Rule everything else out…