I’ve heard there is a recession but I’ve decided not to participate

Daryl HattonEntrepreneurship

Apparently the economists and other experts who, as a group, failed to predict the biggest recession in decades now feel qualified to predict it will last a long time.

They were wrong before and they are probably wrong again.

We need to avoid the trap of believing them, holding back our businesses and our lives and causing the recession to deepen and lengthen.

We can control what will happen if we play “our game”, not “theirs”.

Let’s ignore all the negative news, maintain our optimism and continue to run our businesses and live our lives with gusto.

Tell everyone you know that you’ve heard there is a recession but you’ve decided not to participate.

Share your stories of positive, anti-recessionary things happening in your business and in your life on your Facebook pages.

Invite your friends to do the same.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – FDR’s First Inaugural Address

Fear is contagious but so is optimism when helped along with enthusiasm.

Let’s make some good things happen