Long lost words

Daryl HattonFun, Humor

Someone on Facebook came up with a challenge to find out who knew the definitions of a bunch of words that have fallen out of use. I took it as an opportunity to actually use all of them in one short paragraph. Have fun reading them!

I’m gobsmacked that you’d use this Facebook thingamajig to try to get me all bamboozled and discombobulated about some simple, common words. They aren’t gobbledygook to anyone with half a mind! Young whippersnappers like you always take me for a nincompoop and assume I don’t know how to use this computer thingamajig. Poppycock and a load of codswallop! I see right through this latest shenanigan of yours and have held back from answering you with a bunch of those whatchamacallits and whatnots like emojis and other doohickeys. Just thinking about this is getting me all flummoxed and on tenterhooks so stop lollygagging around spreading useless malarkey and other fake news. Don’t even try to raise a kerfuffle for me calling you out. Now you just skedaddle out of here before I cause a big brouhaha by coming over there for some canoodling.