My siren

Daryl HattonPersonal

Cute. Sweet. Gingham dress. Innocent.

You chased me ‘round the store.

“Need help finding anything?”

First thought? Your number! A dinner date?

I look at figs. And at granola. Why was I in a health food store???

You smiled. I melted. Took a risk. “Dinner?”

Yes?!?! Gulp. 7? Wow. Fear.

Knocked on your door. Heard “Wait!”

Nervous. Locked. Click. Open. Confusion!

Slip dress. Heels. Hair down. Lipstick.

Sexy. Confident. Glowing.

I’m lost. And smitten.

Drive to English Bay. Fine dining.

You look at me like I am a god.

I stutter. I brag. I try to be cool.

You flirt. Demure. Laugh. Wink.

We walk. And talk. And talk.

Hours pass. Sun sets. And starts to rise.

I take you home. Kiss you goodbye. It lingers.

I couldn’t sleep from thinking of you.

And still can’t…