Not a racist but…

Daryl HattonSocial issues

I originally posted this on Facebook but have captured it here to remind me…

I’m frightened by something I’m seeing. There is a situation developing that is tearing at the very fabric of Canadian society. I’m appalled at the disrespect for core Canadian values it demonstrates. Fortunately, it is very easy to identify.

If you recently have used the phase, “I’m not a racist but …”

Simply take out the words “not” and “but” and we’ve identified the villain.

There you have it. You are a closet racist. And you are destroying Canada. Not protecting it as you so naively believe.

Based on that, I sadly do NOT consider you a valuable or integral member of Canadian society unless you take action and discontinue this behavior. Please feel free to leave. Or better yet, get out. I don’t care if you were born here. You’ve lost your way and you don’t deserve the freedoms in this country that our families fought and died for.

In contrast, I’m happy to invite into Canada more people who are inclusive, who value what we have here, who contribute to our society AS A WHOLE, and who celebrate the variety of people that make us an amazing human race and do not try to segregate us into some isolated populations based on unscientific differences or religiously/politically motivated and generated fears.

I’m really tired of hearing versions of this “I’m not a racist but” phrase from family, friends and others in my community.

Everyone has an inherent racist bias. It is almost impossible not to have one. I have one. Or more.


The difference comes in how you handle it. If you are actively looking at your biases and working to find ways to be a better person in spite of them, I’m on your side. If not, I’m first going to try to wake you up to the opportunity in front of you. If you actively resist, I’m going to work tirelessly against you.

This rant is in response to multiple recent incidents where immigrant friends of mine have suffered RIDICULOUS, undeserved and laughable-if-it-wasnt-so-serious abuse at the hands of European and British heritage Canadians. As I’ve told my friends in these circumstances, I’m happier to have them in my country than the so-called patriots who want them to leave. My immigrate friends demonstrate real Canadian values of hard work ethics, tolerance, respect for others, generosity, inclusion and community comes first. They are far more Canadian than their attackers.

If you cringed when you saw that I’m calling you out for the phrase “I’m not a racist but …”, please look at the crap that you’ve allowed to taint your humanity and take action against it.