Take 5: More Learned Overnight

Daryl HattonCardiac, Health, Personal

Here is more info we learned overnight at the Cardiac Hotel.

  1. The best laid plans for long periods of uninterrupted sleep can be easily destroyed by a tiny yellow Lasix (diuretic) pill.
  2. The more time spent preparing for comfortable long sleep (removing bandages required for walking, etc), the more urgent the situation on unexpected premature awakening.
  3. A post op man with a heavily bandaged arm trying to get out of bed in a hurry probably resembles a turtle placed on its back: lots of limb action flailing away until eventually the physics/engineering puzzle is solved and the organism finally reaches the desired position. Upon reaching this position both probably feel like they escaped a near death experience. I’ll let you know as soon as I can check with a turtle.
  4. Big purple bruises turn alien yellow/green as they heal. I always wondered what I’d look like with film industry special effects makeup. Now I know.
  5. A compliment from someone I respect is a huge bonus. I was saying some nice things to one of the incredibly talented nurses about her skill and she said, “I googled you. FundRazr and what you do are amazing!” I was pain free for at least an hour, even though she had to inject heparin into my bruised belly fat.
  6. I’m more emotional right now. It is not unexpected but not always comfortable. It does have some benefits. See next point.
  7. If traveling across the hall at VGH for viewing a spectacular sunset over English Bay, recommended emergency equipment should include Kleenex to the reduce the chance of a biohazard liquid saline spill. Exquisite.

Today may be tough but I hear you all cheering for me. I’ll make it work. Put me in, coach!

Next up: Learned over three weeks