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I originally put this on the FundRazr blog but it is better here.

I’m a lucky man in so many ways (including the fact that I know this).

Today is the day to acknowledge what we are thankful for. Actually, every day is but we only put the label on this one.

In that spirit, I’m thankful all the time for all these things (in no particular order)…

  • My good health
  • My good fortune
  • My wife
  • My kids
  • My father and mother
  • My brother and sister
  • My extended family
  • My hyper-extended family of close friends from all around the world
  • My business friends who support me in good times and in bad
  • My house and home – it provides me comfort, shelter and a base for my world exploration
  • Vancouver, its beauty and its vibrancy (and its great restaurants!)
  • Canada, its safety, honor, fair play and boundless opportunities for building a business and a better life
  • Sunshine, rain, breezes, calm
  • Laughter, tears, hugs, kisses, holding hands, walking side by side
  • The joy from helping people achieve things large or small
  • Going away, coming home
  • Magic – it’s everywhere if you pay attention and let it happen
  • My good luck
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots more…

This Thanksgiving, I feel particularly full – and the wonderful family dinner at Kate’s is not for five more hours!

Lucky me…