Take 3: By The Numbers

Daryl HattonCardiac, Health, Personal

Here are a few numbers that describe the current situation at the Cardiac Hotel.

100% satisfaction with progress to date

6 : nurses on this floor I could fall in love with

2 : nurses I could marry

2 : nurses here I don’t like – had both of them assigned to me yesterday (just my luck or more likely just how I felt?)

7 : meds I take every day not counting stuff for specific short term issues

1 : fancy chest protector – looks like I might have separated my breast bone

8 : hours I slept first night without help from meds

4 : highest number of hours I’ve been able to sleep since they started to “help”

3 : number of psychedelic dreams I’ve had with “help” – do people really do this for fun? Doesn’t compute in my reality…

2 : number of days I expect I will be able to stay here

0 : number of minutes I have felt unlucky to be me with all this incredible support from family, friends and our medical community around me. Sorry for any typos – screen is a bit blurry from the salt water right now…

Next up: Learned overnight