Eulogy for Darlene Grunder

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I’m Daryl Hatton – Darlene’s eldest child. I’d like to share with you some stories of my mom and what I’ve learned from her. Darlene Marie Shorten, was born New Year’s Eve, 1937. In thinking about how she lived her life – this seems like the perfect day! Being very unselfish, she generously shared her special day with the rest of the world and, in response, the world threw the biggest party you can imagine, on that night, EVERY YEAR. There were even fireworks! But the underlying point is that, to her, it was never about her birthday, or for …

After the death of my mother

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My mother Darlene died yesterday morning. It was quick and probably painless. She got up out of bed and collapsed – likely from an aneurysm in her brain. She was 80.   I’ve been sitting here tonight feeling wonderful with all the love pouring in from friends through Facebook and over the phone. But I’m still puzzled and amazed by the differences in the way I see what has happened compared with the responses from most everyone else. My heart is not breaking. I’m not feeling a tremendous loss. I’m not going through some of the extreme pain that others …

My siren

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Cute. Sweet. Gingham dress. Innocent. You chased me ‘round the store. “Need help finding anything?” First thought? Your number! A dinner date? I look at figs. And at granola. Why was I in a health food store??? You smiled. I melted. Took a risk. “Dinner?” Yes?!?! Gulp. 7? Wow. Fear. Knocked on your door. Heard “Wait!” Nervous. Locked. Click. Open. Confusion! Slip dress. Heels. Hair down. Lipstick. Sexy. Confident. Glowing. I’m lost. And smitten. Drive to English Bay. Fine dining. You look at me like I am a god. I stutter. I brag. I try to be cool. You flirt. …

Lessons learned: My BBC Interview

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Tonight I had a chance to be on BBC Newsday (part of their World Service). Not once. Twice. They claim an audience of 283 million listeners as the world’s largest international broadcaster and the world’s biggest breakfast radio show. Even if only a fraction of them are listening at once they’ll number more than ALL THE RESIDENTS OF CANADA. No pressure. I gave myself a rating of 6 out of 10 on the interviews. I’ll explain why below… What I’ve learned about radio interviews: Pay attention to the format of the show. Don’t get lulled into the idea that all …

The Great Displacement is coming

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Technology is driving a massive change in the availability of jobs. And it will hurt everyone, not just the low end of the socio-economic spectrum. We are already seeing the edge of the wave. At the new restaurants in Toronto airport you place your order on a tablet at your table. People bring the food. It means half the staff to service the same number of customers. Or half the jobs of a similar size restaurant. When autonomous robots get a little cheaper even the food delivery staff will go. All but a handful of jobs will be gone. Check …

New Ventures BC Competition crowdfunding presentation

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I had a blast delivering this talk on crowdfunding at the New Ventures BC Competition session on Capital Planning. I cover not only the various big picture crowdfunding models but give examples of both securities (equity) and rewards (incentives) crowdfunding campaigns. Check it out: